Documents to be provided

These documents will be requested by email once the form has been completed and paid for. We will then put them in the correct format to minimise the risk of refusal, you can send them to us in the format of your choice. The documents must be legible, so that they can be compared with your manually entered data. Minors must provide the same documents as adults.

All the documents must be sent to us once the form has been completed, to the following address [email protected] specifying the tracking number of your procedure, indicated in the confirmation email


A scan of the passport page with your date of birth, passport number, etc. (the one used for your trip).

Your passport must be valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Myanmar. It cannot be a green emergency passport, nor a diplomatic one.

In order to renew or make a first application for a passport, we will assist you in your steps.

Passport photo

A colour, high-definition scan of a passport photo, ideally complying with passport photo standards: the photo must be clear, without folds or marks.

The photo should not be over or underexposed. It should be well contrasted, with no shadows on the face or in the background.

The passport photo must be recent and resemble the one in the passport. The haircut may have changed.

For ease of use, you can use our photo processing tool. tool

Proof of accommodation

Accommodation reservations for each of your stages and for each traveler. It is possible to send us a letter of invitation.

Be sure to include the address of your accommodation on your document.

Proof of exit

The reservation copy of your return ticket (flight, etc.) to leave Burma, nominative.

This document is used to prove that you will leave the country before the end of the validity of the visa.

Certificate of vaccination

The last two COVID-19 vaccination certificates

Certificate of Insurance - Optional

Mandatory for stays of more than 15 days .